Translated from the book “Svenska Adelns Ättartavlor III”              See Family Chart

Adliga ätten GYLLENBERG, nr 1030,

(The Noble Family GYLLENBERG, no. 1030,)

Adlad 15/12/1682, introd. s. å.

(Knighted 15/12/1682, introduced the same year.)

Ätten har gemensamt ursprung med adliga och friherrliga ätterna Palqvist, nr 670 och 123.

(The family has a common past with the noble and the baron family Palmqvist, nr 670 och 123.)


Translation note:  Knighted can be translated Sired, Aristocrated, rose to Nobility or Lordship dubbed or conferred upon.

TAB 4.

Gustaf Fredrik (son of Gustaf Adolf, Tab. 3), born 22/9/1720 in Ålbogården, Ledsjö; … died 16/1/1790 in Stockholm… Married Brita Helena Sönnerberg, born 2/11/1722 in Svedvi parish (Värmland) daughter of cornet Johan Sönnerberg and Brita Norberg




Gustaf Johan: born 21/08/1746 in Sida, Oviken (Jämtland); chief mate at the Admiralty; lieutenant's discharge; dead after 1792


Christina: born 1751 died unmarried 16/07/1800 in Side, Oviken parish.


Carl: died as baby


Fredrik Gerhard: born 3/05/1754 in Side, Oviken, died as baby.


Magnus Gabriel: born 20/8/1764, died as baby in Side.

TAB 5.

Carl Fromhold (son of Gustaf Adolf, Tab. 3), born 31/7/1726 in Ålbogården, Ledsjö; … died 3/4/1810… Married 1767 Christina Berg, born 1734, died 7/11/1799 in Nälden, Näskott parish (Jämtland), daughter of senior enforcement officer Jonas Berg.




Gustaf Jonas: born 1768; cavalry lieutenant; died 1849. See Tab 6.


Britta Christina: born 25/02/1770, Married 1790 to deputy judge Anders Vincentsson Nordin 1761-1819 in Ragunda, died 1816. (1864 other source) Daughter: Margareta Andersdotter Nordin 1795-1865.


Catharina Ulrika: born 8/05/1773, died same year 14/05

TAB 6.

Gustaf Jonas (son of Carl Fromhold, Tab. 5), born 29/9/1768 in Jämtland; … died 8/12/1849…Married 30/7/1799 in Viggbyholm, Täby parish (Stockholm) diocese maiden, baroness Brita Christina Lagerfelt, born 9/7/1780 in Stockholm, died 16/10/1828 in Knistad and buried in Clerckska cemetery in Vallentuna church (Stockholm), daughter of chamberlain, baron Carl Gustaf Lagerfelt, nr 245, and Juliana Beata Sparre of Rossvik, nr 7.




Juliana Christina: born 20/9/1800 in Knistad, died unmarried 19/1/1862.


Carl Gustaf: born 1/7/1802 in Knistad; cavalry lieutenant's discharge 17/9/1831, emigrated 1836, died 1849 in Texas, Mexico.


Charlotta Sofia: born 10/10/1804 in Knistad, died there_3/10/1833, Married 12/11/1822 in Knistad to the captain at Skaraborgs reg. Carl Alex Leijer, born 15/1/1795 in Sandhems parish (Skaraborg) died 22/12/1832 in Stubbegarden, Händene parish.


Brita Mariana Fredrika: born 22/10/1807 in Knistad, died unmarried 8/6/1887 in Skövde.


Ulrika Jakobina: born 7/3/1810 in Knistad, died there 16/12/1821 and buried at Sventorps cemetery.


Beata Henrika Augusta: born 21/5/1812, died same year 3/5 at Knistad and buried at Sventorps cemetry.


Johan Henrik Fredrik: born 2/3/1814, died same year 3/5 at Knistad and buried at Sventorps cemetry.


Fritz August: born 24/5/1815 in Knistad; estate owner; died 26/6/1863 in Göteborg. He owned Knistad together with his brother Erik Israel.


Erik Israel: born 18/1/1818 in Knistad; student in Uppsala: clerk at the State Bank 1859; bookkeeper at the same bank 12/2/1863; discharged 1867; died 8/4/1877 at Knistad. He donated Knistad estate and all his possessions to the Swedish House of Nobles, the proceeds to be used for gratuities and scholarships.

TAB 10.

Jonas (son of Per, Tab. 7), from Almesåsen, Ryda parish (Skaraborg); born 28/8/1782 (28/5) in Ledsjö parish (Skaraborg); … died 8/10/1838 in Rossvik, Husby-Rekarne parish (Södermanland), which old Sparre-estate he had received through his marriage. Married there 16/1/1815 to diocese maiden Eleonora Juliana Sparre af Rossvik, born 16/7/1785, died 29/10/1832 at Rossvik, daughter of court stable master Jakob Nils Sparre af Rossvik, nr 7, and Charlotta Lovisa Laurent.




Nils Gustaf: born 1816; sub-lieutenant; died 1888. See Tab 11.


Carl Johan; born 1817; sub-lieutenant; died 1872. See Tab 20.


Erik Albert Ludvig: born 1822; lieutenant; died 1860. See Tab 26.

TAB 11.

Nils Gustaf (son of Jonas, Tab. 10) born 14/6/1816 in Lidköping; sub-lieutenant 17/8/1839; died 31/8/1888 in Filipstad. Married 10/11/1842 in Stockholm to Ottilia Möllersten, born 20/7/1820 in Stockholm, died there 5/9/1862, daughter of deputy judge Johan Christian Möllersten and Anna Lovisa Lungdelius.




Carl Johan Gustaf: born 1843; restaurant owner; died 1913. See Tab 12.


Ottilia Anna Eleonora: born 23/2/1846 at Rossvik, Husby-Rekarne Parrish (Söd.) Married 19/3/1872 in Finland to estate owner Adam Fredrik Robert Hård af Segerstad nr 17, born 1822, died 1897.


Alexander Hjalmar Leonard: born 1848; engineer; died 1918. See Tab. 14.


Johanna Lovisa: born 24/11/1851 in Stockholm. Died unmarried 26/3/1911 in same city.


Albert Jonas Eskil: born 1856; estate keeper; died 1926. See Tab. 16.

TAB 12.

Carl Johan Gustaf (son of Nils Gustaf, Tab. 11) born 26/8/1813 in Rossvik, Husby-Rekarne, (Söd.)... died 21/2/1913 in Filipstad. Married 7/12/1873 in Smedjebacken to Hilma Fredrika Carleberg, born 13/2/1849 in Smedjebacken, died 12/6/1909 in Uppsala, daughter of Ture Carleberg and Evelina Malmgren.




Nils Ture: born 4/11/1874, dentist, emigrated 1898, died 6/2/1911 in New York. Married in America to Anna Lindström, a tanner's daughter from Öland.


Ottilia Evelina: born 24/8/1876 at Smedjebacken. Married 9/6/1898 in Filipstad to ...Carl Axel Adrian Hägg, born 21/9/1861 in Skeninge.


Hilma Johanna: born 19/1/1879 in Smedjebacken, Married 24/3/1905 in Filipstad to ...Nils Gustaf Arvedsson born 3/8/1876 in Kristinehamn.


Carl Eskil: born 17/3/1883; captain and district engineer. See Tab. 13.


Anna Alexandra: born 12/7/1885 in Filipstad. Married 2/3/1918 in Stockholm to director Adolf Unger, born 8/5/1874 in Bergsjö parish (Gävleb.)

TAB 13.

Carl Eskil (son of Carl Johan Gustaf, Tab. 12) born 17/3/1883 in Filipstad;... Married 16/3/1910 in Karlstad to Elsa Christina Nygren, born 24/7/1884 in same town, daughter of field superintendent Olof Emanuel Nygren and Emma Catharina Magnusson.




Gunnel Elsa: born 20/3/1911 in Stockholm.


Torsten Eskil: born 6/8/1913 in Filipstad.


Sven Bertil: born 8/4/1916 in Stockholm.


Barbro Margareta Carlsdotter: born 28/5/1923 in Stockholm.


Inger Marianne Carlsdotter: born 29/5/1926 in Nyköping.

TAB 14.

Alexander Hjalmar Leonard (son of Nils Gustaf, Tab. 11) born 1/6/1848 in Ökna, Bogsta (Södermanland.); engineer; owner of the Finnish Saw Blade Factory in Tampere; died 9/6/1918 at his estate Rossvik, Husby-Rekarne sn (Söd.). Married 5/7/1887 in Pojo parish in Finland to Hedwige Charlotta Korsman, born 29/1/1860 in Pemars parish in Finland, daughter of captain Carl Korsman and Isabella Ramsell.




Nils Carl Hjalmar: born 19/5/1888 Åminnefors;...


Georg Sixten: born 20/2/1891; vice consul. See Tab. 15.


Alexis: born 26/3/1895 in Tammerfors;... Married 13/12/1926 in Jakobs church in Stockholm to Birgit Agnes Elisabet Schollin-Borg. Born 22/5/1905 in Årby, Husby-Rekarne sn (Söd.), daughter of captain Peter Adolf Schollin-Borg and Märta Liberg.

TAB 15.

Georg Sixten (son of Alexander Hjalmar Leonard, Tab. 14) born 20/2/1891 in Tammerfors:... Married 12/12/1919 in Tammerfors to Carin Linnea Blom, born 9/10/1899 in same town, daughter of John Otto Blom and Ida Carolina Ponsar.




Nils Stig Alexander: born 3/11/1920 in Tammerfors.


Ulf Sixten: born 12/7/1925 in Tammerfors.

TAB 16.

Albert Jonas Eskil (son of Nils Gustaf, Tab. 11) born 28/1/1856 in Stockholm; emigrated to Finland in 1875; ...died 7/8/1926 at Balderstorp, Karkku in Finland. Married 21/8/1887 in Lammi prästgård in Finland to Augusta Emilia Nordström, born 1/7/1853 in Fredrikshamn, daughter of phil. doctor Carl Fredrik Nordström and Alexandrine Hornborg.




Nils Eskil Jarl: born 1890;managing director. See Tab. 17.


Carl Ane: born 1891; director. See Tab. 18.


Bengt Börje: born 1893; businessman. See Tab. 19.

TAB 17.

Nils Eskil Jarl (son of Albert Jonas Eskil, Tab. 16) born 12/5/1890 at Perheniemi, Iittis sn in Finland; ... Married 16/10/1919 at Balderstorp, Karkku in Finland to Hilja Maria Paavilainen, born 22/10/1899 in Nyslott, daughter of city chief commissioner of police Erik Paavilainen.




Svea Maria: born 3/9/1920 in Leppäryjä, Finland


Saga Hellevi: born 15/11/1921 in Himango.

TAB 18.

Carl Ane (son of Albert Jonas Eskil, Tab. 16) born 21/12/1891 at Perheniemi, Iittis sn in Finland; ... died 1977; Married 16/12/1919 in Helsingfors to Signe Säfström, born 7/7/1895 in Viborg, daughter of bank accountant Fritz Vilhelm Säfström and Aina Gråsten.




Emmy Margareta: born twins 10/9/1920 in Helsingfors.


Signe Marianne: born twins 10/9/1920.

TAB 19.

Bengt Börje (son of Albert Jonas Eskil, Tab. 16) born 24/11/1893 at Perheniemi, Iittis in Finland; officer in Finland army reserves 1918; president director of Börje Gyllenberg & Co in Helsingfors. First marriage to Constance McCracken, divorced; Second marriage 28/11/1920 in Tavastehus to Rakel Marianne Lundgren, born 6/5/1900 in Idensalmi sn, Finland, daughter of chief constable Ernst Lundgren and Lissi Aschan.




Nils Arne Alexander Hilton: born 9/7/1917 in Mänttä, Finland


Nils Bo Börjesson: born 31/8/1921 in Helsingfors.


Björn Eskil Ernst Börjesson: born 12/9/1924 in Helsingfors.

TAB 20.

Carl Johan (son of Jonas, Tab. 10) born 11/7/1817 in Lidköping; sub-lieutenant died 22/1/1872 in Göteborg. Marrried 18/10/1846 at Skällby, Skedvi sn (Vm.) to Anna Magdalena Vilhelmina Norberg, born 14/6/1822 at same estate, died 13/3/1909 in Göteborg, daughter of parliament member Erik Norberg and countess Anna Gustava Örnsköld, nr 284.




Amalia Eleonora: born 31/10/1847, died 18/5/1849 at Berga, Himmeta sn (Vm.).


Carl Alex: born 1849; shop bookkeeper; died 1897. See Tab. 21.


Anna Elvira: born 15/7/1850 at Berga. Married 8/1/1897 in Göteborg to station master Alfred Conrad Wahlström, born 21/12/1849 at Falmestad, Hägerstads sn (Ög.), died 27/1/1925 in Göteborg.


Johan Albert: born 1851: sea captain; died 1893. See Tab. 24.


Arvid Erik: born 30/6/1854, died 12/7/1859 at Pölsebo, Lundby sn (Göt. O. B.).

TAB 21.

Carl Axel (son of Carl Johan, Tab. 20) born 24/2/1849 in Kolbäcks sn (Vm.); shop bookkeeper; died 12/4/1897 in Göteborg. Married there 12/3/1876 to Gerda Paulina Löfström, born 2/11/1853 in same city, died there 16/6/1887, daughter of wig maker Per Löfström and Matilda Malmgren.




Sigrid Matilda Vilhelmina: born 18/3/1877 in Göteborg; clerk; died unmarried 7/1/1922 in Uppsala.


Anton Harald: born 1878; travelling salesman. See Tab. 22.


Ture Axel: born 1882; engineer. See Tab. 23.


Sixten Oskar: born 7/4/1887 and died 17/10/1887 in Göteborg.

TAB 22.

Anton Harald (son of Carl Axel, Tab. 21) born 13/12/1878 in Stockholm; owner of agency in Stockholm. Married 17/11/1907 in Göteborg to Ingeborg Gunnarsson, born 4/1/1880 in same city, daughter of bookkeeper Oskar Anders Gunnarsson and Hildur Gustava Nilsson.




Curt Allan: born 21/7/1909 in Hälsingborg.


Nils Gunnar Harald: born 21/5/1912 in Hälsingborg, died 14/7/1924 in Stockholm.


Per Sture Axel: born 5/2/1914 in Malmö.

TAB 23.

Ture Axel (son of Carl Axel, Tab. 21) born 26/5/1882 in Göteborg; ... Married 10/4/1906 in Skövde to Maria Elisabet Hägerström, born 21/9/1881 in same town, daughter of businessman Anders Gustaf Hägerström and Johanna Albertina Jonsson.




Gustaf Axel Bertil: born 8/10/1907 in Uppsala.

TAB 24.

Johan Albert (son of Carl Johan, Tab. 20) born 9/8/1851 in Ervalla sn (Ör.); sea captain; died 19/2/1893 in Göteborg. Married there 29/1/1883 to Svea Johannesdotter Andersson, born 5/6/1857 in Grimstads sn (Älvsb.), daughter of Johannes Andersson and Brita Janson.




Sven Albert: born 25/10/1882 in Göteborg, died 10/7/1890 in Floda.


Svea Alexandra: born 12/9/1883 (10/10) in Göteborg, died 27/7/1890 in Floda.


Vanda Vesta Vilhelmina: born 14/10/1884 in Göteborg, Married there 6/9/1912 to sea captain Otto Fredrik Hjärne, nr 1149, born 1868.


Carl Olof: born 15/10/1886 in Göteborg, died there 17/5/1888.


Thor Erik: born 1892; bank accountant. See Tab. 25.


Sven Albert: born 1/9/1893 in Göteborg, died there 5/12/1893.

TAB 25.

Thor Erik (son of Johan Albert, Tab. 24) born 20/4/1892 in Göteborg; ... Married 19/8/1919 in Fässbergs kyrka (Göt. O. B.) to Carin Ragnhild Skantz, born 7/6/1899 in Göteborg, daughter of bookkeeper David Skantz and Alfrida Emilia Larson.




Drott Erik Thorsson: born 29/2/1920 in Borås, like his brother.


Jarl Erik Thorsson: born 14/1/1922.

TAB 26.

Erik Albert Ludvig (son of Jonas, Tab. 10) born 26/2/1822 at Almesåsen, Ryda sn (Skarab.); lieutenant, died 13/7/1860 at his estate Rossvik, Husby-Rekarne sn, ...Married 15/9/1850 in Ärila kyrka (Söd.) to Sofia Louisa Sergel in her first marriage, (her second marriage 18/4/1865 at Rossvik to protocol secretary Olof August Elias Haeggström, born 17/4/1828 in Stockholm, died 30/7/1876 at Rossvik) born 22/1/1828 at Spånga in Ärila sn, died 23/6/1906 in Husby-Rekarne sn (Söd.) daughter of estate owner Johan Gustaf Sergel, nr 2273, and Carolina Margareta Dubois.




Agda Carolina Eleonora: born 18/6/1851 at Rossvik, like the other children. Married there 30/12/1873 to sea captain Nils Gustaf Lychou, born 3/7/1841 in Stockholm, died 18/7/1910 at Enby gård, Rimbo sn (Sth.).


Alice Maria: born 3/5/1852. Married 8/11/1879 at Rossvik to channel inspector for Södertälje kanal, engineer Carl Oskar Gottfriedz, born 16/12/1850 in Flisby sn (Jönk.).


Gustaf Erik Jonas: born 1853; managing director. See Tab. 27.


Albert Hjalmar August: born 27/3/1854; bailiff at Rossvik 1875-1884; died 21/11/1911 at Fyrby.


Carl Reinhold Ludvig: born 14/8/1855, died 16/2/1856.


Knut Henrik Ludvig: born 1856; first mate in the British merchant marine. See Tab 28.


Johan Erik: born 1858; tradesman; died 11/8/1920. See Tab. 29.


Carl Vilhelm Julius: born 16/9/1859; inspector; died 6/10/1883 in Ny sn (Varml.).


Erika Sofia Melucina: born twins 18/9/1860 at Rossvik, died 30/8/1923 in Eskilstuna. Married 11/10/1884 in Stockholm to director general Per Hadar Adalbert Hallström, born 13/10/1853 in Östersund.


Erika Sofia Louisa: born twins 18/9/1860, died 22/6/1863 at Rossvik.

TAB 27.

Gustaf Erik Jonas (son of Erik Albert Ludvig, Tab. 26) born 28/4/1853 at Rossvik; ... Married 25/4/1902 in Stockholm to Signe Louise Henriksson, born 8/6/1880, daughter of bank director Henrik Henriksson and Alma Thelin.




Margit Alma Louise: born 12/10/1903 in Hakarps sn (Jönk.). Married 4/6/1926 in Jönköping to Nils Allan Christer Wirgin, law clerk at Stockholm City Hall, born 8/9/1901 in Malmö.


Gustaf Henrik Erik Jonas, born 20/6/1905 at Ebbesbruk, Hakarps sn; correspondent.

TAB 28.

Knut Henrik Ludvig (son of Erik Albert Ludvig, Tab. 26) born 23/12/1856 at Rossvik; ... Married 17/2/1899 in Hull, England, to Amanda Erika Brunnberg, born 2/9/1863 in Lund, Gudmundra sn (V.norrl.).




Louise Maria Margareta: born 11/5/1902 in Drypool, England. Married 24/12/1925 in Södertälje to lieutenant Johan Hjalmar Napoleon Söderquist, born 11/7/1893 in Bergs sn (Jämtl.).

TAB 29.

Johan Erik (son of Erik Albert Ludvig, Tab. 26) born 25/3/1858 at Rossvik; wine merchant; died 11/8/1920 in Strängnäs. First marriage 22/12/1883 in Stockholm to Anna Kerstin Nordstedt, born 11/10/1862 in Skepperstads sn (Jönk.), died 26/5/1888 in Sävsjö, daughter of farmer Per Nordstedt; Second marriage 9/8/1899 in Tynderö sn (V.norrl.) to Selma Anna Christina Olsson, born 3/10/1874 in Sundsvall, daughter of tradesman Johannes Olsson and Anna Maria Lindström.



Anna Sofia Lucia: born 3/6/1884 in Stockholm. Married 19/8/1907 in Strängnäs to doctor Anders Emil Lidström, his second marriage, born 13/12/1870 in Lysviks sn (Värml.).

Per Erik Alexander: born 15/10/1886 in Sävsjö; tradesman; died 15/4/1917 in Sacramento, California.

Anna Louisa Margareta: born 15/8/1900 in Strängnäs; bank man.

Lars Gustaf Erik Johan: born 26/9/1902 in Strängnäs; handicraft teacher.

Nils Erik Bror Ernst: born 28/3/1908 in Örebro.

TAB 30.

Magnus Gabriel (son of Gustaf Adolf, Tab. 3) born 15/11/1732; Married to his cousin Sofia Gyllenberg, her second marriage (her first in 1761 to cornet Axel Reinhold Holmdorff, born 1732, died 1766 in Krokstads sn, Göt. O. B.), daughter of captain Erik Svante Gyllenberg and Christina Sabina Virgin, nr 1848.




Gustava Christina: born 13/3/1769, died 16/7/1770.

TAB 31.

Erik Svante (son of Gustaf, Tab. 2) born 2/6/1701;  ... died 28/11/1769 in Stockholm. Married 1735 to his cousin's stepdaughter Christina Sabina Virgin, born 30/11/1719, died 3/1/1757, daughter of lieutenant.col. Bernhard Virgin, nr 1848, and his second wife Eleonora Elisabet Soop, nr 10.




Beata Eleonora: Married before 1759 to army doctor Alexander Kröningsvärd, nr 1566, born 1733, died 1768.


Anna Christina: born 4/11/1739 at Skaftö, Morlanda sn (Göt. O. B.) died young.


Sofia: First marriage 1761 to cornet Alex Reinhold Holmdorff, born 1732, died 1766 in Krokstads sn (Göt. O. B.); Second marriage to her cousin cavalry officer Magnus Gabriel Gyllenberg, born 1732.


Gustaf Bernhard: born 1743; first mate. See Tab. 32.


Maria Margareta: born 1745, died 20/2/1780 in Vänersborg. Married 18/7/1769 in V. Tunhems sn (Älvsb.) to deputy county chief Anders Fredrik Ingman, born 1740 in Vänersborg, died there 26/4/1819 (father of general auditor Erik Gustaf Ingman, knighted Gyllenheim, nr 2200, and nephew of auditor of chamber Elias Magnus Ingman, knighted Nordenstolpe, nr 1981).


Eva Sabina: born 24/9/1748 (29/5), died unmarried 19/5/1829 at Sjörits, Foss sn (Göt. O. B.).


Anna Elisabet: born 27/8/1750, died 2/5/1829 at Sjörits. Married 2/1/1781 to estate owner Nils Gillblad, born 9/10/1726, died 8/4/1802 and buried at Foss cemetery.  He owned Sjörits.


Charlotta Magdalena: born 1756, died 31/10/1792 in Trollhättan. First marriage 22/2/1778 in Råda sn to post master in Skara Jonas Brisman, from whom she was divorced, born 27/7/1743, died 1796; Second marriage 5/5/1782 in V. Tunhems sn to ...Johan Ryding, his first marriage (his second marriage 10/12/1794 to Johanna Catharina Fredrika von Döbeln, born 12/10/1774, died 10/9/1801 at Stallbacka, daughter of captain Adolf Fredrik von Döbeln, nr 1519, and Metta Reenstierna, nr 818), born 1755, died 1819.

TAB 32.

Gustaf Bernhard (son of Erik Svante, Tab. 31) born 1/12/1743; teacher at the Admirality; died around. 1780. Married 1768 to sin sister's sister in law Anna Sofia Ingman, died 20/2/1777 in Vänersborg, daughter of the maire of Vänersborg, Anders Ingman (brother of auditor of chamber Elias Magnus Ingman, knighted Nordenstolpe, nr 1981) and Anna Sofia Höök.




Sofia Christina: born 4/6/1769 at Bryggum, V. Tunhems sn (Älvsb.). Married to spice shop owner in Stockholm Sven Frydell.


Eva: born 15/10/1770 at Bryggum.


Anna Gustava: born 23/12/1771 at Bryggum.


Maria Eleonora: born 1773, died unmarried 7/2/1834 in Jönköping.


Carolina Charlotta: born 25/9/1774 in Göteborg, lived unmarried in Vimmerby 1805.


Anna Greta: born 23/1/1777 in Vänersborg, died 6/2/1777.

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