Behmer, Helena Christina

Birth Name Behmer, Helena Christina
Gender female


    Family of Hjerpe, Johan and Behmer, Helena Christina
Married Husband Hjerpe, Johan
  1. Hjerpe, Maria Margareta


Per (son of Gustaf Adolf, Tab. 3), born 3/5/1728 in ?lbog?rden, Ledsj?; drafted to the Army 1743; cornet in ?stg?ta's cavalry 2/5/1759; livdrabant 12/3/1766; Lieutenant 7/9/1768, discharged 10/7/1771; died 19/9/1797 at home in Stackeb?ck - Married 22/8/1769 in Sk?vde to Maria Margareta Hjerpe, she died 22/6/1788 in Kyrkebo in Ledsj?, daughter of officer in the registration of population's office Johan Hjerpe and Emerentia Darelia.


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    1. Behmer, Helena Christina
      1. Hjerpe, Johan
        1. Hjerpe, Maria Margareta