Karlsdotter, Stina

Birth Name Karlsdotter, Stina [1] [2a]
Gender female
Age at Death more than 47 years


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth 1758    
Death after 1805 Amneharad, SWEDEN  


Married Husband Stalnacke, Adam (Andersson)
Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Marriage 1781-10-07   Marriage of Stalnacke, Adam (Andersson) and Karlsdotter, Stina
  1. Stalnacke, Adam (Adamsson)


Date sent: Thu, 05 Jul 2001 14:56:30 +0200
Subject: Stalnacke ancestor
To: kevin@gyllenberg.co.il
From: "Elisabeth Winlund" <elisabeth.winlund@niwl.se>

Dear Sir,
Searching the Rootsweb page on the surname Stalnacke, I found your
genealogical page for Adam Stalnacke and realised we both decend from
the blacksmith Anders Stalnacke Andersson born august 22 1725 in
Matlang, Lungsund, dead dec 20, 1789 in Backhammar, Visnum. My
grandfathers, mothers, great grandfather was his son Peter Stalnacke,
born 1758 and brother of you ancestor Adam Stalnacke Andersson, born
dec 31, 1755 in Skarphyttan , Kroppa and dead sometime after 1810 in
Alvsbacka. Married oct 7, 1781 to Stina Carlsdotter, born in 1758. She
died sometimes after 1805 in Amneharad.
My grandfathers mother was Sara Stalnacke, Ovansjo, Sweden, wife and
daughter of blacksmiths. The first known ancestor was probably
blacksmith Mattis Larsson who lived during the 17th century. I got my
information from Monica Borg who does reserach on the Stalnacke family.
If you are not allready familiar with her Home Page the adress is:
Best whishes Elisabeth Winlund, Linköping Sweden


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Source References

  1. email from someone that found me on Rootsweb
  2. Monica Borg does research on the Stalnacke ancestry
      • Page: website spells it Carlsdotter


    1. Karlsdotter, Stina
      1. Stalnacke, Adam (Andersson)
        1. Stalnacke, Adam (Adamsson)