Fehely, Patrick

Birth Name Fehely, Patrick [1a]
Nick Name Patt [1a]
Gender male
Age at Death about 57 years


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth 1800 County Cork, IRELAND  
Death about 1857 Rosendale, Ulster county, New York  
Immigration 1848-05-24 New York low class steerage compartment on the ship Wakefield


Married Wife , Mary
  1. Fields, Owen
  2. Fields, Franklin
  3. Fields, Patrick
  4. Fields, Ahab
  5. Fields, Mary Elizabeth
  6. Fields, Julia

Source References

  1. Mom, Dad, and Their Ancestry
      • Date: 2012-12-12
      • Page: 10-11
      • Confidence: High
      • Source text:

        In tracing the ancestry of mom's dad, I was able to go back two generations to my great great grandparents, Patt and Mary Fehely, who came from Ireland. Their son, Owen Fields,
        married Katie Powers who were also from Ireland. While living in Indiana, they had a son
        named John Fields. He was mom's father.

        A great famine known as the Irish Potato Famine devastated Ireland during the period
        spanning 1845 to 1852. Approximately 1 million people died during that time and a million
        more emigrated from Ireland. Great great grandpa Patt Fehely (1800-1857), pronounced Fhay'-
        Lee, his wife Mary (1805-1880), and their six children: Owen (1829-1879), Franklin (1830-
        1876), young Patrick (1835-), Ahab "Michael" (1836-1910+), Mary Elizabeth (1838-1926) and
        Julia (1846-) were among those families that left their homeland to come to the United States.
        The family emigrated from Cork Ireland and traveled in a low class steerage compartment on the
        ship Wakejield and arrived in New York on May 24, 1848. They acquired the United States
        surname "Fields." Patt Fields born around 1800, originated from County Cork, Ireland, and his
        wife, Mary, born around 1805, originated from County Killarney Kerry, Ireland. By 1850 they
        had settled in a newly formed town called Rosendale, located in Ulster County, New York, i.e.,
        in the lower part of New York State, near the Hudson River. They most likely attended St.
        Peter's Roman Catholic Church which was organized in 1851. They remained in Rosendale the
        remainder of their life. Patrick died around 1857 and Mary died in 1880.

        Great grandpa Owen was the oldest ofthe six children. My Uncle Irwin referred to a
        person named Jim or Jimmy who owned a fleet of tugboats on the Hudson River and became
        very rich, but I was unable to connect him to any relationship to the Fields' family. Franklin
        lived in Boston, Massachusetts and died there at the age of 46, and young Patrick worked in a
        quarry in Rosendale where they made cement; a major industry in the area. Michael owned a
        large farm in High Falls, New York, located near Rosendale, and owned race horses. He also did
        financially well. Uncle Irwin wrote that he went with his Aunt Julia to one of many family
        reunions held on the big farm in High Falls. Mary Elizabeth married Abraham Elmendorf
        Schoonmaker in 1855 and had thirteen children. Not much is known about Owen's sister Julia
        (1846-). At the age of74, Michael was living with the Schoonmaker's in Rosendale. All the
        children but great grandpa Owen remained in New York and prospered well. Owen went west to Indiana.


    1. Fehely, Patrick
      1. , Mary
        1. Fields, Owen
        2. Fields, Franklin
        3. Fields, Patrick
        4. Fields, Ahab
        5. Fields, Mary Elizabeth
        6. Fields, Julia