Hibbins, Henry (Harry)

Birth Name Hibbins, Henry (Harry)
Gender male
Age at Death 86 years, 9 months, 20 days


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth 1851-07-26 Peterborough, ENGLAND  
Death 1938-05-15 Hinckley, ENGLAND  


Father Hibbins, William
Mother Patrick, Elizabeth


Married Wife Payne, Eliza
Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Marriage 1873-09-03 County of York, ENGLAND Marriage of Hibbins, Henry (Harry) and Payne, Eliza
  1. Hibbins, William Henry
  2. Hibbins, Beatrice
  3. Hibbins, Maud Mary
  4. Hibbins, Richard (Dick) (John)
  5. Hibbins, Annie Elizabeth (Lizzy)
  6. Hibbins, Steve J
  7. Hibbins, Henry (Harry)
  8. Hibbins, Ernest
  9. Hibbins, Lance
  10. Hibbins, Laura
  11. Hibbins, Lillie "Dot"



From: "Maxine Malkin" <maxine.malkin@ntlworld.com>
To: <kevin@gyllenberg.co.il>
Subject: Re: Re Hibbins
Date sent: Sun, 28 Oct 2001 19:06:43 -0000

Hi Kevin,
I will give what little information i have and you can see if it fits
into your tree (which i think it does)

John Hibbins married Sarah, son was William Hibbins born 1818 in
Chesterton, Huntingdonshire, married 25 April 1844 in Orton Waterville,
Huntingsonshire Elizabeth Patrick born 1824 Haddon, Huntingsonshire. Possible other son
Adam. William and Elizabeth had at least one son Henry Hibbins born 22 Dec 1850
in Peterborough, married 3 Sep 1873 in Huddersfeild to Elizia Payne born 1852.
Henry died 15 may 1838 in Hinckley, Elizia died 1926. according to my
record they had ten children. Maud Mary born 1874 in york married Tom Garrett 26 Marvh 1894 William Henry bap 31 oct 1875 in Hinckley, martried Francis Elizabeth
Collier 26 Dec 1898 in Barwell Annie Elizabeth born 1878 in Hinckley, married Joseph Moore 24 sep 1901 Steven J born 1880 Hinckley, married Maria Carter 24 April 1907 in
Barwell Henry born 1882 marries Clara haywood 10 June 1902 in Barwell
Ernest born 1883 married Mary Elizabeth Geary 29 March 1913 in Barwell
Lancelot born 1884 married Lily Kenny 22 Dec 1906 in Barwell
Laura born 3 Sep 1887 in Sketchley married Fred Moore
John born 1876 married Elizia Allen 25 may 1901 in Hinckley, died 28
April 1963 Lily who you know all about

John & Elizia had five children
Clarice Mary born 13 feb 1919 (my mother)
Beatrice Nellie born 6 March 1909
Charles Eric born 1915
James Allen born 1913
Harry born 1902

I hope you can understand this

Regards Maxine


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  1. Hibbins, William
    1. Patrick, Elizabeth
      1. Hibbins, Henry (Harry)
        1. Payne, Eliza
          1. Hibbins, Maud Mary
          2. Hibbins, William Henry
          3. Hibbins, Richard (Dick) (John)
          4. Hibbins, Annie Elizabeth (Lizzy)
          5. Hibbins, Steve J
          6. Hibbins, Henry (Harry)
          7. Hibbins, Ernest
          8. Hibbins, Lance
          9. Hibbins, Laura
          10. Hibbins, Lillie "Dot"
          11. Hibbins, Beatrice