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The Thies's are buried in Waldheim Cemetery (now known as Forest Home) in Forest Park, Il. There is one long row with a large stone that states "F Thies G. Kulp Unvergeslich 1889". I do not know how many or who isburied there. Friedrich died January 19. 1889 at 33 Ayers Court. His death certificate states he died at the age of 62 years, 11 months and 24 days. Caroline diedOctober 3, 1913 and states that her birthday is February 22, 1833. It states that her father's name was George.

In GERMANS TO AMERICA Volume 7 May 1854-Aug 1854 Page 386 there is listed Friedrich Thies 28 M Farmer (GR000CH)and Kulp, Caroline, 21, F. Svnt (GR000Buf) on the ship MAGDALENE Fr Bremen to N.Y. Ar 7-3-1854.In the 1900 census,my great-grandmother, their oldest child, Wilhelmina said she was born inNew York on Feb 1854. Her death certificate states that she was born in Buffalo New York on July 6, 1854. It also states that her mother's maiden name was Kulp. My great grandfather William Gross lived at 33 Ayers Court before 1880 because that is where the family is listed on the 1880 census. I don't know if the house was a three flat or not.


    1. Thies, Wilhelmina
    1. Thies, Friedrich