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Sarah Elizabeth Clarke (known within the family as Auntie Lizzie) born 1867 she married William Herbert (Uncle Billy) Uncle Billy died in 1948 aged 80 years and
they lived at 87 Cobden Street Leicester - she had no children of her own. But took on the responsibilty of her Sister Alices children including my Grandmother Maud.

She was a lovely - strong - lady with traits to her character that were not often liked - She was a Matriarchal figure - and therefore demanded respect... But an excellent cook and her garden was lovely. full of forget me nots.. For all her pretence at strictness and distance she kept a box of old dressing up clothes for my sister and I to play with --

She eventually died due to a broken hip and then pneaumonia...


Maud Alice Haywood - Married Robert Argyle Green.. in 1920 at the Parish Church of St. Marks on the 7th February. (If needed I can give you the history of Robert Argyle Green)

He was a shoe hand and she a shoe machinist. she was living at 87 Cobden Street with Auntie Lizzie at the time.

They adored each other and had an extremely long marriage - and were exceptional parents and grandparents.. She suffered badly from Arthritis - but worked hard until it almost overtook her.

He bless him boasted of not taking a day off sick from work for many years. A wonderful Robust man.


Marjorie Alice born July 17th 1920 she married John Dennis Timson (known as Den) bn 1913 Anstey he died in 1985.

they had one child born 1950.-


    1. Green, Marjorie Alice
    1. Haywood, Maud Alice
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    1. Herbert, William (Uncle Billy)
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