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Abbreviation Jill Hartman


I am researching Emma Sonder and came across your information on ancestry.com. I have a Emma Sonder born 5/23/1863 in Stuttgart, Germany married George August Reimenschneider on Nove 23, 1892 in Chicago, Cook County, IL. Emma died in Aurora, IL on 12/15/1946. Two their union was born two daughters Elsie Maria Reimenschneider and Lillie(Lillian) Bertha Reiemenschneider. Is this your Emma? Would like more information on her parents and siblings can you help?


    1. Reimenschneider, George August
    1. Reimenschneider, Elsie Maria
    1. Reimenschneider, Lillie(Lillian) Bertha
    1. Birth
      1. Sonder, Emma
    2. Sonder, Emma
    1. Death
      1. Sonder, Emma
    2. Sonder, Emma