How Jack and Dorothy met

Author Dorothy Gyllenberg


How Dorothy Met Jack
In 1948 Dorothy was living on Keeler Avenue 3930 third floor.
She had just graduated from high school. She was 18 years old and was working downtown at an insurance agency (American Mutual).
Jack's family moved to the building across the street.
Jessie played cards with her friends from Jack's building (the Stems) and was introduced to Ruth.
One day Dorothy was looking out her bedroom window and saw a really good looking man fixing his car, so she decided to go to her friend's house that was five blocks away so she could meet him.
As she started walking he introduced himself and said that if she wanted he could take her to her friend's house.
On the way she found out that he had just recently got out of the service and was working as an upholsterer.
When they got to her friend's house, her friend was suprised to see her but didn't let on. It started from there and then he would come to the train station and walk her home. They met each other's mothers and they just started dating.
Dorothy broke up with Jack one time and then Dorothy got pneumonia and Jack saw that the light was always on in Dorothy's room and he knew something was wrong. So he found out she was sick and wanted to see her, even though her old boyfriend was afraid to be near in case he would get sick.
So Jack and Dorothy got back together, dated some more and then got married.
She was 19 and he was 21.


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