Ruth Zitlin Obituary

Author Robert Sonder


Aunt Ruth Zitlin
November 20, 2002

I would like to start out with a little historical background about the Sonder’s family. My grandfather was born in Stuttgart, Germany in 1869. He came to America with his brother when he was 13 years old and lived in Chicago with his uncles. He became an Evangelical minister in 1895 (he preached in German), and in 1897 he married Kathryn Heinhorst and had five children. My dad, Clinton, was born in 1898, my Aunt Edna in 1903. The family moved from Illinois to the Dakotas around 1905. There, my Aunt Alberta, Aunt Alys, and Aunt Ruth were born. My Aunt Ruth being the youngest of the family, born in 1914.

My dad was sent to live in Chicago when my Aunt Ruth was one year old. There, he got a job and helped support the family back home. Aunt Ruth was only 4 years old when my grandmother died in 1918. You can imagine, what trying times it was for Sonder’s family?

I have a picture of my grandfather, Aunt Edna and Aunt Ruth standing around the Christmas tree at my folk’s house in 1938. I was only 7 months old at the time. I was told that my folks often had family get-togethers, but I only vaguely remember them. It wasn’t until our family got together in Itasca at my Aunt Alys and Uncle Bob Ward house, that I could recall moments with the family. I remember the many discussions my Uncle Morie and Uncle Bob would have, they were by far the dominant figures in the family. My dad was a very quiet person.

The children, Robert, Karen, my sister, and I were usually off somewhere, away from the adults, having our own fun. During those get-togethers, I remember Aunt Ruth as always being supportive of my Uncle Morie, and that they shared their lives together with great love and affection.

After my parents died in 1976, my sister and I would alternate having our own family get-togethers at Christmas time. Often Aunt Ruth and Uncle Morie would join us, and this allowed us to get to know one another.

After my Uncle Morie died in 1995 and my Aunt went to live in a nursing home, my sister and I, about 2-3 times a year would take Aunt Ruth to Walker Brothers for lunch. We would always order apple pancakes and spend an hour or two showing her recent pictures of ouw family.

At this time, I want to thank you Sol for your love and care for my Aunt while she was at the nursing home. We are so grateful to you for being with her and for tending to her needs.

My Aunt Ruth was a loving person, kind, and generous. She was the last of a very great and courageous family.


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