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Given Name Birth Death Partner Parents
Anna about 1594 about 1658 Heinhorst, Hinrich  
Anna Maria 1691-07-00 1776-05-19 Schweinhardt, Hanss Jurg, Miller, Adam, Grindler, Phillipp  
Betty 1837   Ward, Thomas  
Bridget   Lydon, James  
Clara 1852   Ward, Henry  
Elanor 1650 1677 Sewell, John  
Elizabeth     Kleikamp, Herman  
Francis 1715 1754 Miller, Abraham  
Hannah     Short, Arthur  
Hannah 1620 1669-11-20 Galloway, Richard, Coale, William  
Jennie     Jones, Roy  
Julie     Herbert, Stanley  
Katherine       , Marvin\Vic Reece, Mary\Toots
Lizzie 1867   Clarke, Thomas  
Lorraine       , Marvin\Vic Reece, Mary\Toots
Margaret 1660   Lawrence, John  
Margaret     Short, Arthur , Hannah
Marvin\Vic     Reece, Mary\Toots  
Mary 1805 1880 Fehely, Patrick  
Mary     Lapp, Michael  
Regina     Stutzman, Johann Jacob  
Sarah     Hibbins, John