Discover the Land of the Bible



Imagine a vacation where you could sit on the lakeshore where Jesus taught, stand where Paul made his defense before King Agrippa, and walk among the ruins of cities fortified by the rulers of ancient Israel. You could sling a stone where David slew Goliath, and follow the path of hosanna-singing multitudes down the Mount of Olives.


Hills of Samaria




Amphitheatre at Sebastia


Using the Bible as a textbook and the Land of Israel as a classroom, come and deepen your understanding of scripture and the eternal truth it teaches.

This year,JERUSALEM!




On your trip you can benefit from the insights of a believer who shares your faith. Organized groups can request from their tour company that I guide their tour. For individuals and small groups, I will be happy to assist you with a customized itinerary and private guiding.




Sheila Gyllenberg



Sheila Gyllenberg

Israel Ministry of Tourism

Licensed Guide


Sheila was born in Canada and has lived in Israel since 1983. Now a naturalized Israeli citizen, she holds a master's degree in Jewish History from Israel's Bar Ilan University. In addition to her work as a tour guide, she teaches at the Israel College of the Bible. She lives in Ariel, with her husband and four children.


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