The Israeli Perspective

By Kevin Gyllenberg

The bad news is: President Obama has called for Israel to surrender everything to their enemies. The good news is: He is not our president.

Our prime minister has expressed outrage at Obama's May 19th speech where he calls on Israel to withdraw to the 1967 borders. Either he is clueless or he blatantly hates God's chosen people. It's like the old joke with new players: "The Arabs made war against us, we were victorious and defeated them and then Obama surrendered for us." In 1967 there were two countries: Israel and Jordan. Jordan was warned by us not to enter the war. They did not listen and they lost the territory between then Israel and the Jordan river. The so called Palestinians call this "disputed territory". If this was disputed territory and there were fair negotiations between the parties (Jordan and Israel in this case), then maybe each side would receive half the territory. But Obama, believing the "Big Lie" that it all belongs to the Arabs, is trying to force an impossible settlement upon us. It has been more than forty years and the Arabs still cannot come to terms with the fact that they lost a war they should not have entered. The simple truth is that they are just poor losers.