We believe Yeshua (usually called Jesus in English) is God the Son, who came to this earth 2000 years ago as a human for the express purpose of drawing mankind back into a relationship with God the Father. That relationship is an individual relationship into which everyone can come.

The door on God's side is wide open. He is accepting any and all who will ask Yeshua for forgiveness and to be Lord of their life. By being Lord of our life, we mean submitting our lives, plans, desires etc, to Him. He will take control of our lives and put us back on the correct path to be what we were created to be.

With His forgiveness and a new direction for our lives, not alone but walking side by side with Him, we are allegorically 'Born Again'. Every word of the Bible is true, so if we ask Yeshua to be an active part of our lives, to be the new driving force, He will change us into a new being.