Install our apps on your Android!

Hebrew Bible Hebrew Bible - You can select either Hebrew, English or a few other languages as the interface language,
but the scripture will be displayed in Hebrew with vowel points.

Catch The Event Catch The Event - Dash Cam - This Dash Cam app will record events using any available camera.
Can also be used as a hidden camera.

Rice Clock Rice Clock - Learn to tell time, numbers, months and days of the week in
Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Hebrew and Arabic.

Fadeout Looper Fadeout Looper - Press RECORD, Sing or play an instrument,
Press LOOP, and your recording will play back in a loop until you press STOP.

PlayBack PlayBack - This app will let you hear yourself with the delay that is right for you.
Practice your presentation, your accent or get yourself on key singing.

Personal Jumpmaster Personal Jumpmaster - GPS Audible Altimeter and Skydiving Spot and Landng Assistant.

Thinking of Getting a Web Site?

Looking for clients to rent space on this server for their business sites or home pages. resides on our own server, which is part of our family business.
Let us host your site, be it Business, Ministry or a Family Home Page.
Everyone should have their own home page!

Are you coming to Israel?

If you have room in your bags
There are items we can always use
Party size bags of M&Ms Peanut
Bricks of Cheddar Cheese
If we know you are coming we can order items to your address from Amazon for you to bring.

Tel: (972) 3-9366127 Mobile: 052-2583067

Mail: HaNachshonim 17/8, Ariel, 4074514, ISRAEL