How to upgrade to Fedora18 with less stress.

I used the LIVE iso burned to a usb drive to install the software.
I first tried the 64 bit version. I got nowhere, gave up, and installed the normal version. No major hiccups!

First fix grub2 to not give you that growing lemon on boot:
Change rhgb quiet to video=VGA-1:1920x1200 verbose

There's a new place to configure your host name in Fedora 18. Edit the /etc/hostname file, replace root@Unknown-00-50-04-83-1c-56 apache] with something meaningfull, like your complete domain name.

Get rid of FirewallD and put back iptables.

Edit /lib/udev/rules.d/71-biosdevname.rules to bypass renaming of eth0 and eth1 to p1p1 and p17p2

As usual to:
Disable selinux, edit /etc/selinux/config.
Skip login, nobody else uses this computer, edit /etc/gdm/ and
System Settings->Personal->Brightness & Lock->Lock=Off.
Get some semblance of a workable desktop back:
System Settings->System->Details->Graphics->Forced Fallback Mode.
Alacarte's submenus still do not work!

What won't work anymore, out of the box?
Squirrelmail's php files need to be under the server root.
It won't allow them in the default /usr/share/squirrelmail.
Apache's conf file needs rework.
Samba4 makes you rewrite the smb.conf file.
Don't even try to use Samba4 on Ubuntu! They are a long way from getting their act together.

Turn everything on with systemctl:
squid radvd spamassassin iptables ip6tables sendmail dovecot httpd mysqld network (not NetworkManager) smb nmb sshd xinetd (if you need proftpd).

Install gnome_tweak_tool for a friendlier desktop:
Shell: Show date in clock.
Theme: Current theme = Simple.
and then edit the file /usr/share/themes/Simple/metacity-1/metacity-theme-1.xml to change the color.
Typing: I selected Alt+Shift from Modifiers-only input sources.
Then in System Settings->Hardware->Keyboard->Typing->Layout Settings->Input Sources I added a Hebrew keyboard.

Updated 14 February 2014
by Kevin Gyllenberg.