How to upgrade to Fedora20 with less stress.

I used FedUp to upgrade from Fedora18.

"By the book" instructions:
yum update rpm
yum update
yum clean all
yum install fedup
fedup --nogpgcheck --network 20
rpm --rebuilddb
Then reboot.

"Oh No! Something has gone wrong" screen.
The problem - they cancelled gnome fallback, shame on them!
Solution - log back in choosing classic at the login if it's available - if not, login using another user who's default was not gnome fallback - then:
yum install gnome-classic-session
Install gnome-classic-session to get a session which is Shell with extensions to make it behave like "classic" GNOME. Then log back in and choose classic at the login.

As usual to:
Disable selinux, edit /etc/selinux/config.
Skip login, nobody else uses this computer, edit /etc/gdm/custom.conf and
Uncomment a line in /lib/udev/rules.d/71-biosdevname.rules to bypass renaming of eth0 and eth1 to p1p1 and p17p2.
I had no internet connection because Udev switched my eth0 and eth1, so I needed to create a /lib/udev/75-persistent-net.rules file.

Update After running yum update, 70-persistent-net.rules no longer works! One solution is to create a file in /etc/modules-load.d/ say: ethernet_drivers.conf.
# Load atl1c before r8169

After I got my internet connection back, I could complete the "by the book" install.
yum distro-sync --setopt=deltarpm=0

I do not want my screen to turn into a HDTV sized clock after several minutes of idle.
System Settings->Personal->Privacy & ScreenLock->Lock=Off.
System Settings->Hardware->Power->Blank screen=Never.
Gnome 3.10 no longer has an option to dim/blank the screen after a timeout. You either get the big clock or a new login screen. I want a simple screensaver! Gnome Shell extensions to the rescue.
Install "Disable Screen Shield" extension. The website is problematic, and the extension installation is iffy. If you succeed then enable blank screen:
System Settings->Hardware->Power->Blank screen=15 minutes.

Typing: I selected Alt+Shift from System Settings->Hardware->Keyboard->Shortcuts->Modifiers-only input sources.
Then in System Settings->Hardware->Keyboard->Typing->Input Sources I added a Hebrew keyboard.

Install gnome-tweak-tool for a friendlier desktop:
Top Bar->Show date in clock.
and then edit the file /usr/share/themes/Simple/metacity-1/metacity-theme-1.xml to change the color.

Now look for new configuration files.
find / -print | egrep "rpm(new|save)$"
httpd.conf dovecot.conf and rsyslog.conf need some rework.

Fedora20 killed fallback mode. I use gnome "classic". It is close enough and makes the OS usable. If you need real fallback, use mate and cinnamon.

They renamed Nautilus to Files and took away the split pane, shame on them. You can still replace it with Nemo. The menu in Nautilus is not in the app. This took me awhile to find. It appears on the top bar next to Applications Places when the app is the top window.

And a very annoying spelling checker appeared in every app hindering my typing. Get rid of it by:
yum remove ibus-typing-booster

Updated 14 February 2014
by Kevin Gyllenberg.