How to upgrade from Fedora32 to Fedora33 with less stress.

Upgrade "By the book" instructions:

Update software and back up your system.
dnf upgrade --refresh

Install the DNF plugin.
dnf install dnf-plugin-system-upgrade

Start the update with DNF.
dnf system-upgrade download --releasever=33

Reboot and upgrade.
dnf system-upgrade reboot

Now let's fix the problems.
must resolve all .rpmnew and .rpmsave files rpmconf -a

must run hp-setup again to detect scanner
hp-setup -i

Terminal and Nautilis Menu Bar needs color
To file /home/.config/gtk-3.0 Add:
.titlebar:not(headerbar) {
background-image: none;
background-color: @theme_bg_color;

Alacarte gets uninstalled, appeditor is supposed to replace it

Fedora install no longer asks for root password.
To change the root password type:
sudo passwd root

Get rid of Activities Menu leaving only Applications and Places
dnf install chrome-gnome-shell
DOES NOT WORK, hangs system.

Reinstall instead of Upgrade instructions:
There were some problems the upgrade did not fix; like vlc video hangs but sound works and firefox and chrome flicker and are unuseable.
I did not want to reformat any disks but I was forced to.
/boot must be on ext4 and one giga!
/boot/efi must be fat16 Efi system partition and 200 mega.
/ and swap; I used lvm 120 giga.

Samba could not connect from the outside.
Firewalld was install by default.
Stopped, Disabled and returned to iptables!

Updated 30 Dec 2020
by Kevin Gyllenberg.