Translated from the book “Svenska Adelns Ättartavlor III”              See Family Chart

Adliga ätten GYLLENBERG, nr 1030,

(The Noble Family GYLLENBERG, no. 1030,)

Adlad 15/12/1682, introd. s. å.

(Knighted 15/12/1682, introduced the same year.)

Ätten har gemensamt ursprung med adliga och friherrliga ätterna Palqvist, nr 670 och 123.

(The family has a common past with the noble and the baron family Palmqvist, nr 670 och 123.)


Translation note:  Knighted can be translated Sired, Aristocrated, rose to Nobility or Lordship dubbed or conferred upon.

TAB 1.

Erik Bergh, later knighted Gyllenberg, (son of Erik Gustafsson, see noble family Palmqvist, Tab. 1), to Gullbringa in Hålta parish; born after 1622 in Kind; Väster-götland; chamber clerk of the municipal court in 1649; chief clerk of chamber in Öland in 1652; recorder of chamber in Örbyhus municipal 1656; bookkeeper for the Göteborg and Bohus counties 1638; cornet on horse for the Västgöta regiment and a cavalry captain for the priest rider company in Västgöta 1659; controller at the main Sea Customs in Landskrona 1660; customs officer by the main Sea Customs at Marstrand 1663; customs inspector by the main Sea Customs in Göteborg 1669; Chief inspector of the main Sea Customs in the counties of Älvsborg and Bohus 1677; also in the county of Halland 1678; was knighted 1682 (introduced see above no. 1030); .chief inspector 1683; again customs officer at Marstrand 1688; Died 1691 and buried same year in the church of Hålta.  As a military man he participated with great success in many attacks in Norway and in 1675, during the war against Denmark, he supplied uniforms to the men without any payment or recognition, he also helped the state with a lot of gratifications. – Married to Christina Duberg, daughter of the chief of Customs in Göteborg, Gabriel Jönsson Duberg.




Margareta: lived as a widow till May 1728.  Married first time to Lieutenant-colonel Jacob Dreffensköld. . No. 639, whom she later divorced. He died 1714.  (married 2nd 18/7/1689 to Erik Sparman, aristocrated Sparrsköld, no. 1195 his second marriage, born 1635 died 1698.)


Anna Maria: Married to lieutenant general Fredrik Köhler, baron Von Köhler, no. 167 died 1723.


Gabriel: Lieutenant in the infantry 31/8/1700, captain, lived 1709 in April. – Married to Helena Bagge af Söderberg, lived 1709 in April when she gave birth to their child in Foss parish (Göteborg and Bohus county), daughter of the chief of cavalry Gustaf Bagge af Söderby, no. 147 and Elisabet Nieroth.


Markus:  corporal in the widow queen's guard on horse 1685, corporal 15/6/1690, quartermaster 1696, and cornet 8/6/1700.  Died childless 6/1/1705.


Gustaf:  Lieutenant, died 1710 see Tab 2.


Helena Catharina:  born 14/2/1680, died 16/4/1706, married 1/4/1702 on Leckö in Otterstad parish (Skaraborg) with major Carl Fromhold Tallberg, no. 1757, his first marriage, born 1676 died 1735.

TAB 2.

Gustaf (son of Erik Bergh, knighted Gyllenberg, Tab 1); Corporal by the widow queen's guard on horse 1694; quartermaster 1699, cornet 1/8/1700, Lieutenant 7/3/1705, died 28/2/1710 in the battle of Hälsingborg – Married 7/10/1694 in Seglora church (Älvsborg) to Beata Seglorin; who lived till 1731, daughter of the priest and wicker in Seglora parish in Göteborg county,  Sven Seglorin and Anna Argillanus.




Gustaf Adolf:  born ~1695, captain, died 1768, see Tab 3.


Anna Maria: died 6/1/1774 in Skara, married 2/9/1733 at Silboholm with a cornet in Västgöta cavalry, Nils Tullberg, he died in Bitterna parish 7/7/1766.


Gustaf: died as child.


Erik: died as child.


Erik Svante: born 1701, captain; died 1769 See Tab 31

TAB 31 details his military service, his wife (his cousin) Christina Sabina Virgin, born 30/11/1719, died 3/1/1757, and details their children, the third being Sofia who's second marriage was to her cousin Magnus Gabriel, son of Gustaf Adolf.


Christina: married to the tax collector Anders Ek.


two daughters: died as babies.


Carl Gustaf: born 1709, corporal at the garrison regiment in Göteborg, discharged 4/5/1731, second lieutenant in Älvsborgs regiment, died childless 3/6/1761 – Married 22/7/1739 in Gryteryds parish to Anna Beata Gyllenhammar her first marriage (married 2nd 8/11/1765 in Torsby on Fjärås with tailor and townsman in Kungsbacka Sven Olof Halin) born 1713, died 25/1/1793 in Granlid, Roasjön, daughter of captain Nils Gyllenhammar, no. 776 and Christina Barfod.

TAB 3.

Gustaf Adolf (son of Gustaf, Tab. 2), born 24/3/~1695; volunteer in Västgöta cavalry 1712; on horse in the Västgöta's threemen-cavalry 1715; corporal 27/3/1716; file master at the life guard squadron 20/9/1721; body guard 26/1/1722; Lieutenant at Västgötadal's infantry 15/10/1733 through an exchange came to Jämtland's dragoon-regiment 20/10/1747, captain's discharge 9/5/1748; died 8/1/1768 in Kyrkebo.  He was captured 1713 by the Danes but escaped by himself.  Married 12/1/1720 in Ledsjö to Christina Udd, her second marriage, died 12/3/1775, daughter of captain of cavalry at Västgöta's threemen-cavalry Anders Udd.




Gustaf Fredrik: born 1720, captain, died 1790 see Tab 4.


Anders: baptised 4/10/1722 in Ålbogården, Ledsjö, company officer at Västgötadal's regiment: body guard – died single 8/9/1789.


Ulrika: born 19/8/1724 in Ålbogården, died single 3/6/1788.


Carl Fromhold:  born 1726; major, died 1810. See Tab 5.


Per: born 1728; Lieutenant; died 1797 See Tab 7.


Margareta: born 1729, died 1742.


Sigrid Maria: born 1731 died 1742.


Magnus Gabirel: born 1732; captain of cavalry. See Tab 30.
TAB 30 and 31 details Magnus Gabriel married cousin Sofia Gyllenberg (her second marrage). She was the daughter of Erik Svante Gyllenberg (TAB 31). Magnus and Sofia had a daughter Gustava Christina born 13/3/1769, died 16/7/1770.


Erik: born 1736, died the same year.

TAB 4.


Gustaf Fredrik (son of Gustaf Adolf, Tab. 3), born 22/9/1720 in Ålbogården, Ledsjö; … died 16/1/1790 in Stockholm…

TAB 5.


Carl Fromhold (son of Gustaf Adolf, Tab. 3), born 31/7/1726 in Ålbogården, Ledsjö; … died 3/4/1810…

TAB 6.


Gustaf Jonas (son of Carl Fromhold, Tab. 5), born 29/9/1768 in Jämtland; … died 8/12/1849…

TAB 7.

Per (son of Gustaf Adolf, Tab. 3), born 3/5/1728 in Ålbogården, Ledsjö; drafted to the Army 1743; cornet in Östgöta's cavalry 2/5/1759; body guard 12/3/1766; Lieutenant 7/9/1768, discharged 10/7/1771; died 19/9/1797 at home in Stackebäck – Married 22/8/1769 in Skövde to Maria Margareta Hjerpe, born 1742, she died 22/6/1788 in Kyrkebo in Ledsjö, daughter of officer in the census registration office Johan Hjerpe and Helena Christina Behmer.




Maria Albertina: born 20/3/1770; died 25/11/1833; married 1797 to master sergeant at Västgöta's regiment Samuel Fredrik Aurell, born 1/3/1772 in Storegården, Åsaka; died 28/4/1818.


Gustaf Adolf: born 8/4/1771. Died 10/2/1773.


Johan Fredrik: born 26/4/1772, died 15/1/1773.


Margareta Sofia: born 29/10/1773, died single 18/10/1820.


Gustaf Adolf: born 1774; captain; died 1843. See Tab 8.


Per: born 11/8/1775, vice corporal Västgöta's cavalry regiment; died 30/7/1795.


Johan: born 10/9/1776; died 28/4/1781.


Carl: born 4/10/1777; died 26/11/1784.


Magnus Gustaf: born 7/10/1778; died 3/10/1779.


Ulrika: born 21/11/1779; died 26/2/1826; married 2/12/1800 in Vårfruhem's church with commission land surveyor in the county of Skaraborg Lars Ljunggren, born 1769, died 1825 in Backgården, Våmb (Skaraborg).


Magnus Gabriel: born 16/3/1781; died same year.


Jonas: born 1782; major; died 1838. See Tab 10.


Helena Louise: born 16/9/1784 in Ledsjö; died 14/9/1824; married to the army surgeon of Västgöta's regiment Gustaf Abraham Bourdin, born 25/6/1785, died 29/4/1861 in Fågelås (Skaraborg).


Carl Magnus: born 26/8/1786, died 3/10 the same year.

TAB 8.

Gustaf Adolf (son of Per, Tab. 7), born 7/7/1774 in Risa; sergeant of the Skaraborg's free corps 16/1/1789; volunteer in Västgöta's cavalry regiment 1/11/1790; corporal 20/6/1791; staff cornet 28/8/1798; cornet 9/2/1805; staff lieutenant 15/2/1808; left as captain 4/2/1812; died 5/12/1843 in Skövde. – Married 23/9/1803 to Anna Maria Brisman born 1777, died 27/6/1843 in Hasslum, Skövde; daughter to the shop owner and member of the municipal court Jacob Brisman and Catharina Holmer.




Catharina Margareta:  born 5/5/1806; diocese maiden; died 19/2/1871 in Skövde. – Married 17/10/1841 to paint factory worker Nils J. Rosenberg, born 5/7/1809, died before 1871.


Anna Gustava: born 23/3/1807 in Skövde; diocese maiden; died 8/6/1881 in the same town. – Married there 27/12/1831 to her cousin master sergeant at Västgöta's regiment, swordsman Jonas Gustaf Aurell, born 14/1/1802 in Skövde, died there 3/7/1890.


Lovisa Sofia Ulrika: born 23/9/1809; died 30/5/1810 in Skövde.


Jakobina Petronella Christina: born 22/8/1812 in Skövde, died single 3/8/1896 in Sventorp Parrish (Skaraborg).


Per Johan Gustaf: born 21/11/1813; died 21/1/1816.


Jakob Carl Adolf: born 1819, inspector of sugar factories; died 1898 See Tab 9.

TAB 9.

Jakob Carl Adolf (son of Gustaf Adolf, Tab. 8), born 29/4/1819; inspector at D. Carnegie & Co sugar factory in Göteborg; died 10/1/1898. Married there 6/11/1853 to Anna Maria Stålnacke, born 9/2/1825 in Visnum parish (Värmland), died 5/5/1907 in Göteborg.




Gylina Maria: born 9/10/1844 in Visnum parish; died 13/1/1910 in Göteborg.  Married there 12/12/1874 to a shop bookkeeper Carl Vilhelm Felldin born 15/4/1841 in Stockholm, died 26/9/1904 in Göteborg.


Carl Gustaf: born 18/3/1855 in Göteborg, as the following sisters and brothers; mechanic.


Anna Gustava, born 18/3/1857; office clerk; died single 15/4/1915 in Göteborg.


Matilda Charlotta, born 9/1/1859; sales clerk of the Garden Association of Göteborg.


Johan Gottfrid, born 4/8/1861; salesman in Chicago; died there October 1926. – Was married.

TAB 10 – 32.


The book goes on to detail other distant relatives, decendants of Per (Tab. 7), Gustaf Adolf (Tab. 3) and Gustaf Gyllenberg (Tab. 2).


National Archives and Records Administration

Researched by Kevin Gyllenberg 17/8/1999


TAB 9a.

Johan Gottfrid Gyllenberg was born in Sweden on 4/8/1861. He sailed on the ship Romeo on 19/8/1881 from Goteborg to Chicago. He was married to Jennie Soderbeck in 1885 and was naturalized as a US citizen on 30/9/1889 as John G. Gyllenberg. Certificate no. R23 P. 250, witness Charles Molsen at the Circuit court, Cook C. Ill. Johanna Charlotta (Jennie) Soderback was born in Finspang(Risinge), Sweden on 19/2/1858, came to the US in 1880 with her half sister Ulrica Mathilda Soderback (Gillstrom). Her parents were Per Erik Soderback born in Fjellmo 14/3/1829 and Gustafva Nanfeldt born in Bodarne 10/9/1826.
As of 1892 they rented at 328 W. Clybourn, he is listed as a driver. As of 1896 they rented at 434 N. Lincoln, he is listed as a driver As of 1/6/1900 they rented at 78 Crystal St., City of Chicago. He worked as a milkman. As of 1/1/1920 they rented at 2737 Francisco Ave., City of Chicago. He was no longer working and Irving and Roland were still living at home. John died October 1926 in Chicago, Jennie moved to 5445 Fisher Ave., Detroit Michigan in 1928 and died there in the 1940s.


(Wallace) Waldemar: born Aug 1889 in Chicago. Died July 1966 in Detroit. Wife's name: Gertrude, Had two daughters, Mildred and Irene.

Hazel: born 18 Dec 1892 in Chicago. Died 08/12/1956 in California, Husbands name: Frank Maloney, Had two children, Benjamin and Virginia.

Irving: born 22/11/1895 in Chicago, as of 1920, worked as a photographer. Married Ruth Margaret Theis 14/2/1920. He died 16/3/1960. Had three children. (see TAB 9b)

(Gale) Benjamin: born Dec 1896 in Chicago, as of 1920, lived at 2720 Albany., City of Chicago, household of father-in-law Edward Meyer. Wife Mable born 1901?, died Dec 1999, daughter Jean born 1920, lived at Albany 2720 until 4 years old, came back later to live upstairs of 2 flat.}

four more children died before 1900: one from running and falling with a lollypop in her mouth.

Roland W.: born 20/3/1901 in Chicago, as of 1920, worked as a mechanic. Wife's name: Ethel Theresa Procknow, Had one daughter, Marilyn. He died 18/2/1967.

TAB 9b.

Irving: born 22/11/1895 in Chicago, as of 1920, worked as a photographer. Married Ruth Margaret Theis 14/2/1920. He died 16/4/1960 in Gages Lake Illinois.


Robert Irving: born 21/11/1920 in Chicago, Married Bette Gloria Piehler 1/5/1941, had one daughter Karyn. Bob died Sept 1983 in Calfornia.

Gloria Ruth: born 11/9/1924 in Chicago, Married William Maute Died, had two sons and one daughter.

Jack Richard: born 4/3/1927 in Chicago, Married Dorothy Mae Sonders 4/3/1950, had four children, died 25/11/1984. (see TAB 9c)

TAB 9c.

Jack Richard: born 4/3/1927 in Chicago, Married Dorothy Mae Sonders 4/3/1950, died 25/11/1984 at home in Elk Grove Village, Illinois.


Carol Linda: born 26/12/1950 in Chicago, Married Charles Pytlarz 19/6/1977, they have one daughter: Courtney Ann.

Kevin Richard: born 20/2/1954 in Chicago, Married Sheila Catharine Ward 24/10/1986, I have three daughters and one son. (see TAB 9d)

Pamela Lynne: born 5/8/1960 in Chicago, Married 14/6/1986, she has three daughters: Janae Lynne, Hannah and Morgan Amy.

Jacalyn Amy: born 28/1/1966 in Chicago, Married Sean Kevin Moran 17/9/1994, have two sons: Jack Timothy and Ian Patrick.

TAB 9d.

Kevin Richard: born 20/2/1954 in Chicago, Married Sheila Catharine Ward 24/10/1986.


Ayala April: born 9/4/1991 in Jerusalem, ISRAEL

Naomi Keren: born 10/11/1993 in BneBrak, ISRAEL

Ateret Eden: born 3/10/2003 in KfarSava, ISRAEL

Uziel Eitan: born 26/8/2005 in KfarSava, ISRAEL

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