Nanfeldt, Karl Kristian Jakobsson

Birth Name Nanfeldt, Karl Kristian Jakobsson
Gender male


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth 1792-09-24    


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Nanfeldt, Jakob
Mother Lundqvist, Stina Persdotter
         Nanfeldt, Karl Kristian Jakobsson
    Brother     Nanfeldt, Per


    Family of Nanfeldt, Karl Kristian Jakobsson and Andersdotter, Kajsa
Unknown Partner Andersdotter, Kajsa
  1. Nannenfeldt, Jakob
  2. Nanfeldt, Brita Maria
  3. Nanfeldt, Klara
  4. Nanenfeldt, Johanna Lovisa
  5. Nanfeldt, Gustafra
  6. Nanfeldt, Ulrika
  7. Nanfeldt, Karl Kristian


  1. Nanfeldt, Jakob
    1. Lundqvist, Stina Persdotter
      1. Nanfeldt, Per
      2. Nanfeldt, Karl Kristian Jakobsson
        1. Andersdotter, Kajsa
          1. Nanfeldt, Gustafra
          2. Nannenfeldt, Jakob
          3. Nanfeldt, Brita Maria
          4. Nanfeldt, Karl Kristian
          5. Nanfeldt, Ulrika
          6. Nanfeldt, Klara
          7. Nanenfeldt, Johanna Lovisa