Coursen, Hendricks

Birth Name Coursen, Hendricks [1a]
Gender male
Age at Death 40 years, 1 month, 4 days


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth 1653-11-03    
Death 1693-12-07 Raritan, New Brunswick, New Jersey  


Father Coursen, Cors St. Vroom
Mother Hendricks, Tryntje
  1. Coursen, Cornelis
  2. Coursen, Peter St. Vroom


Married Wife Van Ness, Josina Pieterse
Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Marriage 1677 New Utrecht, Long Island, (aka. Brooklyn, New York)  
  1. Coursen, Cors
  2. Coursen, Judith
  3. Coursen, Hendrick
  4. Corsen, Rachel
  5. Coursen, Katryna
  6. Coursen, Hans
  7. Coursen, Reyst

Source References

  1. Mom, Dad, and Their Ancestry
      • Date: 2012-12-12
      • Page: 17
      • Confidence: High
      • Source text:

        Hendricks Coursen (1653-1693) was born on November 3, 1653. He married Josina
        Pieterse Van Ness (1656-) in 1677 in Long Island (aka. Brooklyn). Josina was born on January
        22, 1656 in New Utrecht, Long Island to the parents of Peter Pietersen Van Ness (1625-1696)
        from Utrecht, Netherlands and Judith Rapalje (1635-1726) from Somerset, New Jersey.
        Hendricks and Josina had seven children: Hans, Reyst, Cors (1677-), Judith (1679-), Hendrick
        (1683-), Rachel (1687-1749), and Katryna (1689-). When his brother Cornelis died in 1693,
        Hendricks inherited property located in Raritan, New Jersey. He died in Raritan in 1769 at the
        age of 86.

        Do the math! He probably died in 1739.


  1. Coursen, Cors St. Vroom
    1. Hendricks, Tryntje
      1. Coursen, Cornelis
      2. Coursen, Peter St. Vroom
      3. Coursen, Hendricks
        1. Van Ness, Josina Pieterse
          1. Coursen, Hans
          2. Coursen, Reyst
          3. Coursen, Cors
          4. Coursen, Judith
          5. Coursen, Hendrick
          6. Corsen, Rachel
          7. Coursen, Katryna