VanZandt, Christoffel Harmens

Birth Name VanZandt, Christoffel Harmens [1a]
Gender male
Age at Death 37 years


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth 1618    
Death 1655    


Married Wife Gerrits, Moeder
Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Marriage 1643-06-28 Amsterdam, NEDERLANDS  
  1. VanSant, Garret
Married Wife Claes, Trijntje
Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Marriage 1645-09-24    
Immigration 1651 New Utrecht, Long Island, (aka. Brooklyn, New York)  

Source References

  1. Mom, Dad, and Their Ancestry
      • Date: 2012-12-12
      • Page: 15
      • Confidence: High
      • Source text:

        Christoffel Harmens (not in diagram above) VanZandt (1618-1655) was a journeyman
        cloth maker and married Moeder Gerrits (1618-1655) in Amsterdam, Holland on June 28, 1643.
        Garret's mother died the same year he was born, possibly while giving birth to Garret. On
        September 24, 1645, Christoffel's second marriage was to Trijntje Claes. Christoffel, Trijntje,
        and Garret came to America as bond servants to New Utrecht, Long Island (aka. Brooklyn, New
        York) in 1651 and Garret and his family were indentured for three years starting in April, 1652.
        Garret was only eight years old at the time. When Garret was twelve years old, his father was
        killed in an Indian attack known as the Peach War. Guardians were appointed to Garret to
        protect his share of his father's estate.


    1. VanZandt, Christoffel Harmens
      1. Gerrits, Moeder
        1. VanSant, Garret
      2. Claes, Trijntje