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Hello Sheila and Kevin
I could not resist having another look at your web site it looks like Shila and I share the same Great Great Grandparents Thomas and Ann Ward from Borrow-upon-Soar, which is about 6 miles from where my parents live. I remeber running through Borrow-upon-Soar in the sports lessons from school when we had to do cross country running!
By the way William's sister was Sarah Ann not Sarah Jane.
Sarah Ann Ward. Born 1 OCT 1859 Barrow on Soar, Leicestershire. Died 22 MAR 1938 Netherby, Linden Drive, Evington, Leicestershire. She was the daughter of Thomas Ward and Ann .
She married Alfred Clay. Born 8 JAN 1852 Welford, Northamptonshire. Died 19 DEC 1927 "Netherby", Lindon Drive, Evington, Leicester. Children of Sarah Ann Ward and Alfred Clay are:
1. Constance Clay. Born 20 SEP 1890 South Wigston. Died 14 SEP 1973 68 Greengate Lane, Birstall, Leicester.
2. Sydney Clay. Born 5 OCT 1894 South Wigston.
3. Horace Clay. Born 11 FEB 1886 Countersthorpe, Leicestershire. Died 3 JUL 1904 Smeeton, Westerby, Leicestershire.
4. Gertrude Clay. Born 30 APR 1884 Countersthorpe, Leicestershire. Died 24 JUL 1975 Evington, Leicester.
5. Frederick William Clay. Born 2 OCT 1882 Countersthorpe, Leicestershire. Died 15 JAN 1911
Frederick Clay married in Canada in Jan 1910, we wondered if he visited the Wards and Herberts in Canada when he meet his wife but can find no trace of her, he died of TB in England just under a year later. Most of the letters we have were sent to Gertrude Clay my great Aunt who was a fantastic character, I will tell you more about later if you are interested.
All the best,


    1. Clay, Alfred
    1. Humphrys, James
    1. Ward, Charles
    1. Ward, Thomas
    1. James, Ann
    1. Ward, Eliza
    1. Ward, Henry
    1. Ward, Sarah Ann
    1. Ward, Elizabeth
    1. Ward, John
    1. , Betty
    1. Ward, Diana
    1. Ward, Ann
    1. White, Arthur
    1. , Clara
    1. White, Thomas
    1. Ward, Thomas
    1. Jenkins, Joseph
    1. Ward, George
    1. Death
      1. Herbert, Parker
    2. Herbert, Parker
    1. Birth
      1. Ward, William
    2. Ward, William
    1. Death
      1. Herbert, Stanley
    2. Herbert, Stanley
    1. Birth
      1. Herbert, Parker
    2. Herbert, Parker
    1. Birth
      1. Herbert, Stanley
    2. Herbert, Stanley
    1. Birth
      1. Ward, Eliza (Lizzy)
    2. Ward, Eliza (Lizzy)
  1. says born 1850 in Quorndon, Leicestershire, ENGLAND
    1. Birth
      1. Jenkins, Elizabeth
    2. Jenkins, Elizabeth