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I have a great deal more information about you distant cousins if you
would like it at some point.

I hope my tabs are kept by your e-mail system or this will make no
sense. If there is a problem, let me know, and I will try to resend the
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The family name was originally "thor Hegenhorst"; later "zur Heinhorst".
Based on fammily lore and supported by 16th century tax records, it
appears that the family descends from lower nobility.


Hinrich Heinhorst
Anna ________
(m. )

Gerd Heinhorst b. d. 1668
Anna Nordhop
(m. )


Anna Heinhorst
Heinrich Bunnemann
(m. )

It is not odd that Anna's daughter took her first name, but it is add
the she took her family name as well. This has been confirmed by family
in Germany, however.

Anna Margarethe Heinhorst
Diederich Rude von Brake
(m. 1686)

Anna and Diedrich married when she was in her late 20's. It is odd
again that Heinrich Heinhorst took his mother's name but confirmed by
family in Germany.

Heinrich Heinhorst b. 1687 d. 10/25/1746
Anna Adelheid Laugemann
(m. 1718)

Anna was fro Ohlendorf.

Heinrich Harm Heinhorst b. 8/18/1723 d.
Anna Beke Palm b d.
(m. 1746)

Heinrich and Anna were married in Schamwege.

Diederich Heinhorst b. d.
Rebecca Siemens b. d.
(m. 12/3/1784) )

Dietrich Hermann Heinhorst was born in Gehlbergen near
Bruchausen-Vilsen, Hannover. He married Rebecca Margaretha Siemens were
in the church in Borstel.

Johann Konrad Heinrich
Heinhorst b. 8/4/1785 d. 8/12/1812
Anna Katherine Margaretha
Bohlmann b. d.
(m. 5/1/1811) (just under the wire)

Konrad was born in 1789 in Stapelshorn, Altebruchausen, Bouchar du Weser

Konrad and Anne Katherine Bohlmann were married in the church in the
village of Wechold in Hanover near Bruchhausen.

He was taken into Napoleon's army as a conscript, serving in the 5th
Military Division, 2nd Battalion, 2nd (or "Polosk") Company. He died
August 12, 1812, during the Russian Campaign. A battle was fought that
day, but it is not known whether his company was engaged or whether he
died of wounds or other injury or disease.

Konrad and Anna Katherine had twins, a son Wilhelm and a daughter Anna
Katherine Margaretha. The twins were not quite 15 months old when
Konrad died. It is not known whether Konrad himself had any brothers or

Herman Friedrich
Wilhelm Heinhorst b. 5/9/1811 d. 8/27/1858
Katharina Louisa
Margaretha M ller b. / /1811 d. 6/3/1870
(m. 5/6/1836)

Wilhelm Heinhorst was born in Gehlbergen in Hanover near Bruchhausen.
He seems to have been fairly prosperous. He apparently decided to come
to the United States because of difficulties with his wife's family.

Wilhelm's wife, Louisa M ller, was from Kampscheide, also in Hannover.
They were married in the church in Asendorf in 1836. Louisa was
decended from lesser nobility as well, but her immediate family was
apparently impoverished.

Wilhelm and Louisa left Gehlbergen for the United States with their
family on July 10, 1854. They apparently spent the night of July 10
with family in Vilsen since two of their children Margaretha and
Heinrich were baptised there on July 11. They spent several days
traveling to Bremerhaven, including a two day stay in Bremen.

On July 20 or 21, 1854, they sailed on the Elizabeth for New York. They
arrived in New York on September 2 and left for Chicago by train at 6:00
p.m. the next day. The family arrived in Chicago on September 11 and
spent a day and a half there before going on to their destination,
Capers Grove (now Tinley Park). (They may have lived near Argo and

The family was in Capers Grove barely a week when the children
contracted cholera. A doctor advised Louisa not to give the children
water. She followed this advice, despite the children's suffering,
until two of the children died. She then gave the other children water.
All but one survived.

Wilhelm and Louisa attributed their children's illness and deaths to the
swampy character of the land around Capers Grove and decided to find a
healthier area to move to. They met the Karch family from near
Frankfurt, Illinois, who owned a tract of land in Mason county between
Topeka and Bishop - an area with sandy soils which appealed to Wilhelm
and Louisa. They bought land there and moved to Mason County, arriving
at their new farm March 6, 1856.

Ann Schwab understood that they bought their farm from the Karches.
Florence Hovey believed that Wilhelm bought the farm from some one else.
This farm was just east of the woods east of the Biship Cemetery near
Bishop Junction a short distance west of Topeka. His son Friedrich
later bought a farm from the Karches on the east side of the road going
north from the Bishop road, west of the Bishop Cemetery. Friedrick's
house still stands on that farm about 1/4 mile north of the Bishop road.

Florence also believed that the family first moved to Long Point before
moving to the farm near Bishop Junction.

The Heinhorst and Karch families became good friends. One of Whilhelm
and Louisa's grandchildren, Arthur F. Heinhorst, married one of the
Karch family.

Wilhelm lived only two more years after moving to Mason County. Louisa
lived until 1870. They are buried in the old Evangelical Cemetary north
of Bishop.

In 1987, Jennifer Heinhorst visited Gehlbergen, Asendorf, and
Kampscheide. While she was there, she was able to do some genealogical
research - visiting with a geneaologist in Bruchhausen-Vilsen and
examining old church records. She found a house in Gehlbergen which had
been owned by a Heinhorst family until 1912, but she did not find any
Heinhorst families still living in Gehlbergen.

Diedrich Heinrich
Konrad Heinhorst b. 1/29/1837 d. 4/10/1910
Mary Himmel b. d.
(m. )

Conrad Heinhorst fought in the Union Army in the Civil War. He was
captured and spent some time in Libby Prison.

He lived about two miles from his parents. Ann Schwab recalled that
Conrad and his wife came to visit frequently while Elmira Heinhorst
Bauerle and her three oldest children were "down home" visting Friedrich
and Elizabeth. Ann had fond memories of him.

_______ _______ (young son)

Clara Heinhorst b. d.
Ed Young b. d.
(one adopted daughter ?)

Katie Heinhorst b. d.
_______ Sanders (Sonder?) b. d.
( your family )
Katie and her husband lived near
Chicago. He was a minister.
They had a large family.

Emma Heinhorst b. d.
Dan Woerhle b. d.

Louella Heinhorst b. d.
_______ Jones b. d.

Heinrich Friedrich
Wilhelm Heinhorst b. 10/21/1838 d. 3/25/1900
Elizabeth Nuhn b. 9/23/1844 d. 12/16/1915
(my family see attachment)

Katrine Marie Heinhorst b. 1/16/1841 d. 12/31/1882
Henry Winteroth b. d.

Johann Wilhelm
Heinhorst b. 6/17/1843 d. 9/22/1854

Heinrich Diedrich
Heinhorst b. 2/15/1845 d. 12/7/1845

Anna Margaretha Dorothea
Heinhorst b. 9/11/1846 d. 9/26/1854

Heinrich Freiderich
Christian Heinhorst b. 7/31/1849 d. 9/22/1854

Rebecca Sophie Adelheit
Heinhorst b. 2/8/1852 d. 10/31/1938
Fred Stein b. d.


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