Gyllenberg, Gustaf

Birth Name Gyllenberg, Gustaf [1a]
Gender male


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Death 1710-02-28    


Father Bergh, Erik
Mother Daberg, Christina
  1. Gyllenberg, Helena Catharina
  2. Gyllenberg, Margareta
  3. Gyllenberg, Anna Maria
  4. Gyllenberg, Gabriel
  5. Gyllenberg, Markus


Married Wife Seglorin, Beata
Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Marriage 1694-10-07 Seglora (Alvsborg), SWEDEN Marriage of Gyllenberg, Gustaf and Seglorin, Beata
  1. Gyllenberg, Gustaf Adolf
  2. Gyllenberg, Erik Svante
  3. Gyllenberg, Carl Gustaf
  4. Gyllenberg, Anna Maria
  5. Gyllenberg, Gustaf
  6. Gyllenberg, Erik
  7. Gyllenberg, Christina


Gustaf (son of Erik Bergh, aristocrat Gyllenberg, Tab 1); Corporal by the queen's guard on horse 1694; quartermaster 1699, cornet 1/8/1700, Lieutenant 7/3/1705, died 28/2/1710 in the battle of H?lsingborg - Married 7/10/1694 in Seglora (Alvsborg) to Beata Seglorin; who lived till 1731, daughter of the priest and wicker in Seglora parish in G?teborg's state Sven Seglorin and Anna Argillanus.


Gustaf Adolf: born ~1695, captain, died 1768, see Tab 3.

Anna Maria: died 6/1/1774 in Skara, married 2/9/1733 on Silboholm with a cornet in V?stg?ta's cavalry Nils Tullberg, he died in Bitterna 7/7/1766.

Gustaf: died as child.

Erik: died as child.

Erik Svante: born 1701, captain; died 1769 See Tab 31
TAB 31 not translated but details his military service, his wife (his cousin) Christina Sabina Virgin, born 30/11/1719, died 3/1/1757, and details their children, the third being Sofia who's second marriage was to her cousin Magnus Gabriel, son of Gustaf Adolf.

Christina: married to the tax collector Anders Ek.

two daughters: died as babies.

Carl Gustaf: born 1709 corporal in a garrison regiment in G?teborg, discharged 4/5/1731, second lieutenant in ?lvsborgs regiment, died childless 3/6/1761 - Married 22/7/1739 in Gryteryds to Anna Beata Gyllenhammar her first marriage (married 2nd 8/11/1765 in Torsby on Fj?r?s with tailor and bourgeois in Kungsbacka Sven Olof Halin) born 1713, died 25/1/1793 in Granlid, Roasj?n, daughter of captain Nils Gyllenhammar, no. 776 and Christina Barfod.


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Source References

  1. Adliga ├Ątten GYLLENBERG, nr 1030
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      • Confidence: High


  1. Bergh, Erik
    1. Daberg, Christina
      1. Gyllenberg, Helena Catharina
      2. Gyllenberg, Gustaf
        1. Seglorin, Beata
          1. Gyllenberg, Gustaf Adolf
          2. Gyllenberg, Anna Maria
          3. Gyllenberg, Gustaf
          4. Gyllenberg, Erik
          5. Gyllenberg, Erik Svante
          6. Gyllenberg, Christina
          7. Gyllenberg, Carl Gustaf
      3. Gyllenberg, Margareta
      4. Gyllenberg, Anna Maria
      5. Gyllenberg, Gabriel
      6. Gyllenberg, Markus