Bergh, Erik

Birth Name Bergh, Erik [1a]
Gender male
Age at Death 71 years


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth 1620 Kind, Västergötland, SWEDEN  
Death 1691    
Burial 1691 Gullbringa in Halta, SWEDEN  


Father Gustafsson, Erik
Mother Ihrsdotter, Margarata
  1. Berg, Gustav


Married Wife Daberg, Christina
Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Marriage 1668   Marriage of Bergh, Erik and Daberg, Christina
  1. Gyllenberg, Helena Catharina
  2. Gyllenberg, Gustaf
  3. Gyllenberg, Margareta
  4. Gyllenberg, Anna Maria
  5. Gyllenberg, Gabriel
  6. Gyllenberg, Markus


Erik Bergh, later aristocrat Gyllenberg, (son of Erik Gustafsson, see adl. ?ttern (noble) Palmqvist, Tab. 1), to Gullbringa in Halta; born in the 1620 in Kind; V?sterg?tland; chamber clerk of the municipal court in 1649; chief clerk of chamber in ?land 1652; h?radsskrivare (….of chamber) in ?rbyhus municipal 1656; bookkeeper for the state of G?teborg and ____ state 1638; cornet on horse for the V?stg?ta regement and a cavalry captain for the priest___ company in V?stg?ta 1659; controller by the big sea border for customs in Landskrona 1660; customs officer by the big sea border in Marstrand 1663; customs inspector by the big sea border in G?teborg 1669; Chief inspector of customs by the big sea borders in the states of ?lvsborg and Bohus 1677; also in the state of Halland 1678; became an aristocrat 1682 (introduced see above no. 1030); .chief inspector 1683; again customs officer in Marstrand 1688; Died 1691 and buried see above _____ in the church of Halta. As a man of military he participated in many successful attacks in Norway and in 1675 during the war against Denmark he supplied uniforms to the men without any payment nor recognition, he also helped the state with a lot of f?rstr?ckningar. - Married to Christina Daberg, daughter of the chief of customs in G?teborg Gabriel J?nsson Duberg.


Type Value Notes Sources
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Source References

  1. Adliga ätten GYLLENBERG, nr 1030
      • Page: (The Noble Family GYLLENBERG, no. 1030,) TAB 1
      • Confidence: High


  1. Gustafsson, Erik
    1. Ihrsdotter, Margarata
      1. Bergh, Erik
        1. Daberg, Christina
          1. Gyllenberg, Margareta
          2. Gyllenberg, Anna Maria
          3. Gyllenberg, Gabriel
          4. Gyllenberg, Markus
          5. Gyllenberg, Gustaf
          6. Gyllenberg, Helena Catharina
      2. Berg, Gustav