Ethnic Cleansing - 2024
Kevin Gyllenberg

The Hamas Massacres of October 7th - 2023

Israeli Perspective - Article 1 - 2012
Israeli Perspective - Article 2 - 2012
Israeli Perspective - Article 3 - 2012
Israeli Perspective - Article 4 - 2012
The Palestinian Problem and the present Uprising - 1991
Kevin Gyllenberg

Read about the Turkisk Genocide of the Armenian Christians in this chapter of the book "The Green Horse" by Norma Archbold.
The book can be ordered on Amazon.

The Gyllenberg Family, including Ateret, On a French Canadian Documentary

Excuse Me, Professor Powell, But I'm Confused

Peace, Peace, When There is No Peace

Thinking out of the UN box

Jenin Summary

Capitulation breeds contempt

Lamia Lahoud

Benjamin Netanyahu

Natan Sharansky


Beyond a reasonable doubt - Caroline Glick

Dry Bones - Afganistan

Dry Bones - Hostage

Women In Green - Kofi Anan

Factual Presentation
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