Short, Cordelia Francis 1a

Birth Name Short, Cordelia Francis
Nick Name Cora
Gender female
Age at Death 82 years, 1 month, 4 days


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth 1874-12-20 Wilmington, Illinois  
Event Note

{source: National Archives and Records Administration}
{original: personal visit by Robert Sonders, Kevin & Dorothy Gyllenberg 12/2000}
{comments: Kevin Gyllenberg}
soundex Sonder-Sonders S536
soundex Fields F432
soundex Short S630

Vol 20 ED 135
Page 7 line 72
1900 census 3220 South Canal st
John Fields June 1871 Indiana Boiler Ma_a_
Cora Fields Dec 1874 father Missouri
born in Ill mother Il
Addie Short March 1894 sister in law

ED line
070 0896 0098
1910 April 15 Cypress St.
Age last b-day
Cora 34
Jessie 4
Ruth 6
Irwin 8

Vol 8 ED 108 Sheet 3 line 6
1920 North Dakota

Sonders Albert Henry
age 20/1/1920 birth place
Alice M 19 Ill
Edna B 16 Ill
Alberta 12 North Dakota
Ruth E 5 South Dakota
Albert 50 Germany 1886 Emigrated 1893 Naturalized

Death 1957-01-24    
Burial   Mount Emblem Cemetery, Elmhurst, Illinois Section H, Lot #395, Grave #4 Find A Grave Memorial# 166626665


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Short, James
Mother Swikert, Carrie
    Brother     Short, John\Hans
    Brother     Short, Arthur
    Sister     Short, Florence
    Sister     Short, Jessie
    Sister     Short, Adelaide M
    Sister     Short, Lizzie
         Short, Cordelia Francis


    Family of Fields, John Morris and Short, Cordelia Francis
Married Husband Fields, John Morris
Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Marriage 1898-07-13 Joliet Illinois Marriage of Fields, John Morris\Jack and Short, Cordelia F.
  1. Fields, Owen Francis
  2. Fields, Irwin James
  3. Fields, Ruth
  4. Fields, Jessie Lois
  5. Fields, Dorothy



Gravestone says born 1873


Type Value Notes Sources
_UID C37A56BF682AD711921200AA0048380EA820


  1. Short, James
    1. Swikert, Carrie
      1. Short, Florence
      2. Short, Jessie
      3. Short, John\Hans
      4. Short, Lizzie
      5. Short, Cordelia Francis
        1. Fields, John Morris
          1. Fields, Owen Francis
          2. Fields, Irwin James
          3. Fields, Ruth
          4. Fields, Jessie Lois
          5. Fields, Dorothy
      6. Short, Arthur
      7. Short, Adelaide M


Source References

  1. Robert C Sonders: Mom, Dad, and Their Ancestry
      • Date: 2012-12-12
      • Page: 36-37
      • Confidence: High
      • Source text:

        Unfortunately, not much is known about my mother's parents. Uncle Irwin told me their
        family history was never discussed. Grandpa John (preferred to be called Jack or Jonnie)
        Morris Fields (1868-1945) was born on June 29, 1868 in South Bend, Indiana to great
        grandparents Owen (1829-1879) and Katie Fields (1834-1884). My grandmother, Cordelia
        "Cora" Francis Short, was born on December 20, 1874 in Wilmington, Illinois to James and
        Carrie Short. Grandpa married Cordelia Short on July 13, 1898. Grandpa Fields worked as a
        machinist in the construction of boilers for the railroad in Chicago, near York Road and Irving
        Park Boulevard. They had five children: Owen (1890-1890) who died of dysentery, Irwin
        (1901-2003), Ruth (1904-1979), my mother Jessie (1905-1976), and Dorothy (1912-1995).

        After grandpa's retirement in 1936 they moved to a third floor apartment just above where I grew
        up on Keeler A venue. I was too young to remember them living so close to us. While living
        there, their apartment was burglarized during the night. Grandma's purse and grandpa's false
        teeth were stolen. Fortunately, the purse was recovered across the street with his false teeth
        inside; the money was gone.

        A few years later they relocated to the Chicago Uptown area (on Granville between Clark
        and Broadway), then moved to Pontiac, Illinois to be closer to grandma's sister, Florence Keup.
        Due to a heart condition or stroke, grandpa was soon confined to bed. On the first day of
        snowfall in 1945, November 22 to be exact, grandpa Fields died. He was buried in St. Josephs
        Cemetery located at 3100 Thatcher, River Grove, Illinois on November 26. He was 77 years
        old. His grave is located in Section V, Grave #295, and Block #3. He was Catholic; my
        grandma Cora Fields was not.

        After grandpa's death, grandma moved back to Chicago and settled in the Uptown
        Chicago area, again in a basement apartment on Grandville Avenue. She lived with both mom's
        sisters, Aunt Dorothy and Aunt Ruth, and their children Aldine and Bill. Both her sisters had
        very difficult marital relationships resulting in much hardship and several divorces. Grandma
        Fields cared for their children while they worked. On January 24, 1957, grandma Fields died
        following an illness of heart disease and later cancer. She was 83 years old. She was buried in
        Mount Emblem Cemetery in Elmhurst, Illinois, Section H, Lot #395, and Grave #4.